Pablo Delgado back on the streets

Pablo Delgado

It's been some time since we spotted some new work from the master of miniature street art, Pablo Delgado. The mexican artist was last featured on the blog back in January of this year when we posted a collection of photos from the artists 'Missing Series'(covered here).

We bumped into Pablo Delgado on Thursday night while checking out the Cranio Editions show at the Fun Factory art space and the artist mentioned to us he would be hitting the streets and we could expect to find some new work up over the weekend. While we were out on the streets yesterday morning taking pictures our eyes were fixed to the ground as we began the hunt for his new pieces. We managed to find two new works both pictured here just off Brick Lane. Stay tuned, as we hope we will be seeing more from Pablo soon. If you have spotted any of the other new pieces, let us know!

We have found an additional three new street scenes from the Pablo Delgado which we have covered in second blog post about his new work which we have covered here.

Pablo DelgadoPablo Delgado
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