London Street Art Stickers - Artist DMV

Looks like there has been a sticker boom around Shoreditch over the last few months, either that or the councils buff crew have been getting lazy and slacked off scraping lamposts clean. 

From the super glossy Sticker Robot printed stickers to the hand-drawn paper stickers, here a selection that caught our eye here at Hookedblog, featuring work from DMV, D*Face, A.ce, Rae, Ronzo, mjar, 616, Obit, Edwin, Pickles, Lisk Bot, My Dog Sighs, Reka and Defuse.

London street art stickers - London artist D*FaceD*faceEdwin & 616Hand drawn colab with Edwin and 616 London street art stickers - Ronzo / A.ce / 616 / D*Face / RAE

Ronzo / A.ce / 616 / D*Face / RAE

  RekaReka My Dog SighsMy Dog Sighs 616 / Pickles / Lisk Bot 616 / Pickles / Lisk Bot

London Street Art - Hookedblog on Instagram

Obit & A.ce Obit and A.ce mjarmjar Defuse?Defuse? Defuse?

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