REKA London Mural

Melbourne-born, Berlin-based artist James Reka touched down in London earlier this week ahead of latest solo exhibition titled 'Trip the Light', at East London's Stolen Space Gallery. Following on from his UNTOLD exhibition earlier this year at Melbourne's Backwoods Gallery, Trip the Light will see Reka present a whole new body of work in what is to be his debut London show.

Hookedblog have long been fans of the artists character works, following their evolution from the early days of simple black and white based line drawn characters seen pasted up on the alleyways of Melbourne right upto to the meticulously detailed colourful murals and works in his now iconic style that are to be seen across the globe. We are looking forward to the opportunity to see this collection of ten new canvas works here in London along with a series of painted found objects which will accompany these larger works. Rusty spray cans, bottles and pans are some of the painted object we can expect to see which are often found by the artist on painting missions around Berlin's abandoned warehouses.

We briefly caught up with James earlier in the week as he began redecorating one of his own London murals with a fresh colour palette and a mural titled ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’. The new work located on Chance Street in Shoreditch.

REKA London Mural

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REKA mural in LondonREKA Mural In LondonREKA - Keep Calm And Carry On Mural

REKA - Keep Calm And Carry On Mural

The finished 'Keep Calm And Carry On' Mural

We've been pinning some of our favourite REKA pieces both outdoor and indoor work onto our dedicated REKA Pinterest Board so go have a look at some of the artists other work.

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