Other aka Troy Lovegates

We ordered a copy of this new artist book Forest Fire just before the Christmas holidays and finally picked it up from the post office. Having previously bought some quality fanzines and a self published book from the Canadian artist Other aka Troy-lovegates our expectations were high.

What with the crazy artist made packaging we knew we were in for a treat and that the contents of the package was gonna be awesome. Inside, Others new limited edition publication did not disappoint, a 20 page multi colour risograph book featuring some fresh illustration work from artist. And as an added bonus tucked all the way at the back of the publication, a signed mini three layer linoprint from the artist in an envelope insert!

Other aka Troy LovegatesOther aka Troy Lovegates Other aka Troy Lovegates Other aka Troy Lovegates

The Forest Fire book was released as a limited edition of 120, so we are not sure if Other has many copies left, but if you are interested they are $20.00 Canadian dollars each plus shipping. As the artist does not have an online shop you will need to drop him an email here if interested: troy.lovegates[at]gmail.com

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