Don't you love it when your postman shows up at your door with a package for you, especially when it's travelled all the way from Melbourne, Australia? Hookedblog has just got our hands on a copy of the Future Notes II book featuring the work of talented Australian artist Ghostpatrol.

Future Notes Volume II is a reproduction of the artist's sketchbook, featuring a collection of drawing, doodles and notes he makes between June and November of 2011. It's not often you get to look through artist's sketchbooks and on the rare occasion that it does happen we have happily spent hours flicking through the pages, so we really like the idea of Ghostpatrol sharing with everyone his own personal sketchbook, smudges and all!

As with the artist's previous book (now sold out), this new publication has again been beautifully printed by Melbourne print house Dawn Press on recycled paper and using soy based inks!
   Ghostpatrol Future Notes Book Ghostpatrol Future Notes Book Ghostpatrol Future Notes Book Future notes volume II is available online via the artist's website for $30 (Australian).

To see more of Ghostpatrol's work, have a look at our photographs from last year, featuring some of Ghostpatrol's street work in London painted alongside Kid Acne, Dscreet and EMA.

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