Miniature Street Art sculpture found in London

It would appear the whole web is talking about the new street artworks by elusive British artist Banksy spray-painted in Bristol, Liverpool and London.

As some of these Bansky street art pieces have been removed/buffed/ defaced already and they have been posted on just about every other blog, we thought we would post some of the other street artworks that have been appearing on the streets of London over the last few weeks or so.


We have already featured many of the wonderful new paste-ups, Brooklyn artist Swoon put up around East London last week. This one is located just off Hackney Road near the farm on Ion Square.


RUN gets all starry-eyed on Hackney Road, at the old tennis courts with paste-ups by Mustafa Hulusi.


One of the many pieces Baltimore based artist Gaia paste-up while in town, this piece is located on the old Foundry building near Old Street.


Lots of these waffle Invader stickers have been popping up around East London, still no sightings yet of any actual new Invader street pieces out East. It would appear that a number of the Brixton ones we photographed last week have been removed/stolen already!

Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado

Mexican street artist Pablo Delgado continues to populate the streets of London with his magical miniature street art scenes. It would appear there has been a huge demand for the artist's work and he has recently released a print edition with London gallery NellyDuff.

This also looks like it might be by Mexican artist Pablo Delgado but we are not 100%

  Rowdy Horror 

The two pieces above by Rowdy and Horror of Burning Candy are not strictly new but we managed to close enough to grab these pictures without having to hang over a bridge!

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