Gaia hits the streets of London


Following an installation in Newcastle's onethirty3 space, American street artist Gaia has been in London the last few days and wasted no time in hitting the East London streets with some of his work. As well as a number of painted shutters on Roman and Hackney Road, plus the huge colourful wall piece pictured above, the artist also managed to get up with some of his large scale paste-ups across London. Check out our photos below.

Gaia Gaia
Gaia —detailGaia —detail
Gaia Gaia

UPDATE 27 November 2011: 
We are aware that Gaia has already left London town, so we weren't really expecting to see anymore from the artist but we were pleasantly surprised to find this beauty this afternoon in South London of all places! If anyone has seen any other pieces from the artist that we have missed, South or elsewhere in London let us know as we would love to see them.

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Erin@TheFoodMentalist said...

Impressive to say the least

Phang81 said...

the word "instatation" doesn't exist

hookedblog said...

Cheers, we should really run a spell check before we post, was meant to say installation! Thanks.