The weekend saw us as Hookedblog venture south of the river to check out South London's infamous labyrinth-like club formally known as SeOne which in may of last year became Debut London. It would appear that this venue has also been closed for good as there are plans for it to be knocked down to make way for the redevelopment of London Bridge, as part of Network Rail's Thameslink programme. With such a vast space left empty it was inevitable that squatters would take advantage of this empty venue and move in.

When we visited the site, the place was a hive of activity with a number of artists working on redecorating some of the walls and teams setting sound systems ahead of the all night party planned for later that evening. With some previous work from CHU and Stik already on the walls we hung out with Vesna, ESP and Probs as they added some new works to the space. Below are a selection of the photos we took in the space before the party kicked off.