Over the weekend while walking around East London with a group on our Street Art Walking Tour we stumbled across loads of QR code stickers (see above) next to various pieces of Street Art.

QR codes are an easy way of accessing web pages from your mobile phone. So instead of typing in a URL, you can simply take a photo of the code with the phone’s camera to automatically be directed to a website. Using our iphone ( any smart phone will work) we took a photo of the QR code and it brought us to the 'I Could Do That' website along with an image of the Ludo piece we were standing in front of.
Having check their website we have discovered that I Could Do That is an experimental project where members of the public are invited to write comments about works of street art in and around East London. Digit who have created the project thought, "if you can post words of praise/criticism/abuse under videos on Youtube, why can’t you do it for graffiti? The streets belong to everyone don’t they? Why shouldn’t everyone have a say?"

Digit have been touring round the best pieces of graffiti in Shoreditch and Spitalfields and sticking up QR codes next to the pieces. If you have a QR reader on your phone (download one here) you can scan the QR sticker and you’ll be taken to a webpage where you can read what people are saying about that piece of art and leave your own comments.

Good or bad, don’t be afraid to have your say!