For those of you in the North East, Thursday 20 May 2010 sees the opening of Prefab77's 'United Kingdom' exhibition at Lazarides Newcastle space.
Prefab77 are a collective of artists based in the North East of England. From an area steeped in a volatile history of unions, struggles and movements they create fast, hard-edged, stripped down artwork; often political, sometimes anti-establishment, always beautiful. They weave small bites of modern popular culture, vintage NME headlines, pure British rock 'n' rebellion into traditional iconic British imagery.

'Untied Kingdom' tells a story of modern Britain on the take, told through a new collection of works on canvas, metal, wood and exclusive prints.

The show opens tomorrow with a private view and then runs from the 21 May 2010  3 July 2010

Lazarides | 77 Quayside | Newcastle Upon Tyne | NE1 3DE