The guys over at Graffoto tipped us off on this one. It would appear that all four Banksy piece's along the canal in Camden have been re-touched / amended over the last few days with much of the previous damage caused by Team Robbo having been removed.

It's not obvious if these amends have been made by Banksy himself or if as some have suggested they may have  cleaned up by some Banksy fans.
But it is the appearance of a new piece, the roller head heron bird stencil (pictured below) in the place of the previous "I don't Believe in Global Warming/War" {blogged here} piece that might suggest that they have in fact been amended by Banksy himself. Will will have to wait and see, but either way we imagine that this is not the last alteration to these pieces we will see in the ongoing Banksy vs Robbo beef now entering it's fourth month!!