Nelly Duff Gallery have teamed up with their good friend EINE and a collective of mad artisan printers, who are making an attempt to break the screen printing world record. With six weeks of non stop pulling screens by hand for each and every print, they will be attempting to have the most spot colours ever printed on an editioned artwork. The edition is based on the internationally recognised Shutter Font A-Z canvas artwork by the king of fonts; street artist Ben EINE. An edition of 150 - they will be numbered and signed by Eine. No hints yet as to how many colours but looking at the above image it look like a lot!! Thursday May 7th will see a special exhibition to celebrate the attempt where you can come and count how many for yourselves. The print release will be staggered, the first release will be online at Nelly Duff on Wednesday April 22nd for all you early birds, with half the edition saved for a special release at the show. More info when we have it..