Hang-Up Pictures have been working alongside their good friends over at Krunk on their latest fine art print release from internationally acclaimed graffiti artist Futura.

Hang-Up Pictures will act exclusively offering signed editions 75 - 100 with this hugely anticipated release which will be available from December 10th 2008 through the website.

Art collectors and print connoisseurs have two new objects of desire; a set of fine art limited edition prints by celebrated contemporary urban artist Futura. His recent LA show, Strategic Synchronicity, marked an extraordinary return from one of graffiti's most influential pioneers: the progression and intricacies of the pieces confirmed the collection as his best work to date - and the sell-out show was greeted with respect and admiration by the art world.

Collectors now have one final chance to own a part of this seminal show: KRUNK has re-created two of the key abstract paintings from the collection in 'ultimate' quality print form.

These highly textured, hand-pulled editions exemplify the potential of modern fine art printmaking - and seeing them on the wall shows just what is possible thanks to recent advances in the craft. Utilizing various textured inks and highly developed techniques of serigraphy, the master printers have painstakingly recreated every minute detail of the original works with exceptional clarity and true artistic craftsmanship. The Serigraphs were painstakingly hand-separated according to all details of the original paintings, yielding a final edition that stands alone as a work of art. Throughout the creation of this project, the master printers were charged with the near-impossible task of matching the complexity of the original mixed media works, and have delivered on every last detail. The brush work is beautifully replicated, and the aerosol effects display the same level of energy and excitement for the technique as Futura's original work.

The use of transparent and matted color effects results in a highly distinctive piece of art that surpasses any other edition recently offered in the contemporary and urban art scene.

The prints will be priced at £525 inc VAT each, excluding delivery. Orders for the print will be taken from the 10th December 2008 from Hanguppictures.com