A new exhibition opened at The New Cross Gallery featuring new works from the TML Stars. The TML Stars are a three man art collective who have been producing work together in their distinctive style since 2000. Each member brings different ethics and motivation to the work, but their common goal is just to create.

With all preconceptions thrown out the window they have evolved from the confines of traditional graffiti art and over the years have experimented with a host of different mediums. The street is their primary, but by no means exclusive canvas. They use a variety of ways to showcase their ideas, ranging from the more obvious sticker art and murals to installations in plastic wood and plaster. Their totemic images evoke a phratric similarity, each piece is different from the last yet strongly connected. The body of work on show emphasises their freedom to work as individual artists, while still keeping at the core of their work the strong identity and ethos of the TML Stars.

New Cross Gallery | 3 Lewisham Way | New Cross, London | SE14 6P
30th July - 22nd August