Jaguar Shoes presents a new exhibition titled " Anythiing For Nothing" featuring a selection of new works from Erosie. The show opens next week on the 14th Septemember and runs until the 21st October. There will be a private view on the 13th 7pm - 1am

Dutch based artist Erosie originally started his career in the early 90's as a "classic" graffiti writer. Having carved an impressive career as a commercial illustrator, he has evolved a fine art practice through his experimentation with conceptual pieces, scale and the exploration of various mediums. Erosie's current work explores the subversion of typography, and the loss of its intrinsic values. Considering the 'play' between image vs. text vs. 'graffiti-codes'.

Observing a culture, wherein successful communication alludes to supremacy, and these dislocated modes of communication embody our post-modern obsession with visual language. Erosie now exhibit's in galleries across the world but does not ignore his roots; he is still an active member in the SOL Graffiti crew and a prolific graf-writer throughout Europe.

The exhibition at DreamBagsJaguarShoes will showcase his latest work. This will present a cross section of works on this theme, including detailed, large-scale murals.

DreamBags JaguarShoes | 32-34 Kingsland Road | London

Make sure to pop over to Erosie's website and have a click around some of the fantastic work on his site.