Consisting of 4,000 lomographic taken by local residents and the opportunity to hear their poetry via sensors, an interactive LomoWall was unveiled by the South Bank Centre and the Lomographic Society London as part of the launch of the South Bank Centre’s Poetry International, the UK’s major international poetry festival on Tuesday the 24th.

Entitled Trading Places, the LomoWall is made up of photographs taken during Lomography workshops by local residents of Lower Marsh in Waterloo, near the South Bank Centre, an area in which people have lived and traded since the 17th century, to create a living portrait of their lives in a 14 metre by 2.5 metre LomoWall installation on hoardings in front of the Royal Festival Hall. Secret sensors are embedded in the wall, amongst the photographs, for visitors to find and press and listen to the recordings of the resident’s spoken memory poems.

The Trading Places LomoWall will be on show at the South Bank until December 2006.