The Brick Lane Gallery maintain the high level they have set, with a new exhibition of original & editioned graphic art prints from 1989-2006.

Club Culture could not have been as groundbreaking and forward thinking without the medium of graphic design. Cutting and pasting, before the advent of the digital age, artists working from their bedrooms, some too young to know what they were doing, sometimes being paid in kindness, these images at the time were playing a crucial part in the development of the culture, and now one of our only points of reference to a somewhat fuzzy time. Our history will exhibit and sell editioned signed prints of some of the most famous and ground breaking club-based graphic images from 1989 till the present day. Read about the artists, clubs and labels these images represented.

Some of the Artists taking part include Dave Little, Blue Source, Mark Wigan, Tomato, Michael Nash Associates, Tom Hingston and Back to Basics/Nick Grundle. A number of short films will also be shown.

Date: 27th September - 8th October 2006
The Brick Lane Gallery, 196 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA