A Graffiti and Street Art Documentary
Directed by Andre Hyland
Music by Anticon’s Odd Nosdam (cLOUDDEAD) and Cobra Kai

Nobodys is a documentary focused around what personally drives four
different graffiti/street artists to create the public work they install
illegally, and what they hope to accomplish by producing it. Featuring MERZ
(Autograf, Graffiti World), WHEN (Scribble magazine, Juxtapoz), DARIUS JONES
(Public Discourse, Wooster Collective), and FIVE (Scribble magazine, While
You Were Sleeping), along with appearances by others such as WOOSH and BUDDY
LEMBEK, Nobodys gives the viewer a look into a more personal side of the
graffiti world than most recent graffiti films with its more insightful
interviews, great images, and street bombing footage. Shot between 1996 and
2005, Nobodys is a graffiti documentary that will please audiences that
range from seasoned graffiti writers to open-minded individuals who know
little to nothing of graffiti culture.

Check the trailer here

Screening October 22nd 2005
The Artery @ the Lab, 2930 Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA, 92626