Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers Edition 8

A photographic collection of Shoreditch street art stickers taken in and around the streets of East London.

Kickstarting the month we continue with our ongoing series of posts Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers with a new collection of images for this edition number eight.

We started the Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers series of posts as a place to share a photographic collection of stickers from the streets be they hand-drawn one-off stickers to the super slick vinyl stickers that more and more artists seem to carry around with them on their global travels.

Every year we start off with great plans on sharing more than one sticker photo collection a year but we find ourselves once again at the start of a new year and we realize we haven’t shared a single street art sticker post in the last year.

We haven’t stopped photographing stickers as many street artists continue to slap stickers up on street furniture such as lampposts and street signs in cities across the globe, it's just we were a little short on time last year and they never made it onto the blog, something we hope to correct this year.

While large scale murals have come to dominate visual platforms such as Instagram and are what most people now consider as Street Art, we still love shooting and collecting street art stickers and have been doing so for over a decade.

Most street artists we know at some point have made or have had stickers printed. Many of them will usually have a handful of stickers on them in their pockets or bags, slapping them up as they pass through cities around the globe. Street artists are often also happy to share them or swap stickers with you or other artists as you will find that many of them also collect Street art and Graffiti stickers.

Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers

Take a look below at the selection os Street Art Stickers that caught our eye last month featuring sticker work from D*Face, My Cute Creatures, Neon Savage, A.ce London, The Postman art, Benjamin Rider aka Zombiesqueegee, RXskulls, C3 and a few other artists who names we are not 100% sure on their names.

All the stickers featured below were photographed in and around Shoreditch in East London. If anyone knows who the unnamed works are by be sure to let us know the artist's names and we will update the post. Drop their names in the comments sections below or email us.

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers My Cute Creatures 01

Artist My Cute Creatures

Dividing her time between London + Bristol tattoo artist Flavia Verda working under the alias "My Cute Creatures" has been very active around East London with her cute and vibrant series of street art stickers appearing right across the neighborhood. We have yet to see two of the same design from the artist as each of the stickers shared here are all different.

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers My Cute Creatures 02

"Little Dreamer" Street Art Stickers by artist My Cute Creatures.

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers My Cute Creatures 03

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers My Cute Creatures 04

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers My Cute Creatures 05

Layers of stickers on this Brick Lane lampost with one of My Cute Creatures stickers and an OBEY Andre the Giant sticker lurking in the background.

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers - London artist D*Face

Street Artist D*Face

London based artist D*Face has been a regular fixture on the East London streets for well over a decade with his D-dog stickers adorning lampposts and street signs across London city.

We can't quite make out the artist name on the above sticker, it looks like M.R.S! but we haven't been able to locate an Instagram account with these initials if anyone has an idea as to who the artist is please let us know.

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers The Postman

Street Art collective, The Postman Art

The Postman Art is a Brighton based collective os artists formed in 2018 sticking and pasting their vibrant visuals featuring icons from the fields of music, fashion, and art on walls in Brighton and London. Pictured above is one of their street stickers featuring Marilyn Monroe.

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers featuring artist Neon Savage

Neon Savage

Trained as a fashion and textile designer, East London resident and street artist Neon Savage is another who has been consistently installing works on the streets over the last year. From small stickers pictured above to large hand-painted paste-ups

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers featuring artist Acelondon

Street Artist A.CE London

East London based street artist A.CE London is another regular on the London streets and his hand screen printed paste-ups and stickers are shared frequently across our Hookedblog social channels.

Loving this paper cut sticker figure pictured above. We have seen multiple versions of this figure over the year in the form of miniature stickers to larger paper works. We have not yet identified who is doing this work, if you know please share with us.

Thanks to Paul Nicholson who emailed us with an update on the work pictured above to let us know the artist creating this work is called LdashD.

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers featuring C3 and RxSkull


The Portland-based street artist RXskull featured in our last Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art post and it's no surprise he is featured here again. Another artist whose work continues to pop up on the streets throughout the year, this artist prints all his own vinyl stickers often starting the process with a piece of lino onto which he creates his images first.

Carving the image into the lino once complete he makes a print from the lino, this is then scanned and vectorizing on a computer allowing him to scale the image up or down to whatever size he needs be it for a large scale paste-up or in this case smaller vinyl stickers as in the two images featuring his work. Pictured above is a lovely little collab sticker piece with UK based artist C3.
Shoreditch Street Art Stickers featuring artist RxSkull

One of a number of skull variants by Street Artist RXSkull.

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers featuring artist Zombiesqueege 01

Benjamin Rider aka Zombiesqueegee

London based artist and illustrator Benjamin Rider aka Zombiesqueegee, has featured on the blog on a number of occasions and has continued throughout the year to populate the streets with his multi-layered hand screen printed stickers and large scale wheat-pasted posters.

Shoreditch Street Art Stickers featuring artist Zombiesqueege 02

"Doom Kebab" Hand screen printed stickers by London artist Zombiesqueege.

Stick it up: Shoreditch Street Art Stickers Edition 8

Where to find Street Art Stickers in Brick Lane, London?

Visiting London and want to see some Shoreditch and Brick Lane Street Art?
Feel free to take a look at our Hookedblog Street Art Tour of Brick Lane blog post which will guide you with locations and a google map to the key street art hotspots in the neighborhood where you are guaranteed to see some of the freshest street art along with some of the long-running classic London murals. Where there is street art you will also find stickers plasters over the nearby street furniture.

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