Stencil artist Teddy Baden's mural in Falköping, Sweden

Teddy Badden, Steent Art Mural in Falköping, Sweden. Photo ©Hookedblog / Mark Rigney

As is often the case we usually take many more photographs that we have time to process or upload. Often if we miss a window we don’t always have the time to go back and catch up as there is alway some new project, event / street art or mural piece to photograph and just not enough hours in the day.

On other occasions we have worked the photographs and the blog post ends up stuck in draft mode while we either wait to capture a photograph of the finished wall or perhaps a better final image that we are happy with - one where the light is better or there are no cars parked in front of the wall is is often the case.

Looking back we have realised there a number of such unpublished posts and we are currently working or way through some of these draft posts to get them online.

Rizoma Gallery Street Art Festival

After a flying visit to Berlin we jumped on a plane to Sweden which was a first for us  -  to check out the Rizoma Galleries' street art festival in the town of Falköping. We flew into Gothenburg and caught a two hour train from the city centre to Falkoping. The Rizoma gallery was set up in 2016 as a space to host art exhibitions, workshops, gigs, events, film screenings, talks and a street art festival.

The week we travelled to Falköping was the second edition of the festival and with the gallery having strong connections with Mexico collective Board Drippers a number of Mexican street artists were invited to paint at the festival. As well as the Mexican and local artists we caught up with London stencil artist Teddy Baden.

Teddy Badden, Steent Art Mural in Falköping, Sweden. Photo ©Hookedblog / Mark Rigney

Teddy Baden in Falköping, Sweden 

Post Olympic Games and the Hackney Wick we once loved has changed beyond recognition. Large sways of low level industrial units and spaces occupied by the areas artists have been razed to the ground. Generic high rise developments are springing up, replacing many of these spaces with equally high prices that are far beyond what not just artists but many Londoners can afford to pay.

Baden is still living and working from his studio in Hackney Wick, but like many of the artists being priced out of that neighbourhood he is making plans for the future and looking beyond Hackney Wick.

Along with a former resident and another artist they are putting plans in motion to build an international artist residency program in a unique space in the Swedish countryside - an hour outside Falköping.

Baden was in town during our visit and was one of the artists invited to paint a mural as part of the Rizoma Galleries street art festival. We caught up with Baden over two days as he worked on an  electrical building - redocating all four sides of the building using large scale stencils featuring some of his signature dog characters. Check out the collection of images of the artist at work below on a mural he has called "Even Superheroes Get Tired".

Teddy Badden, Steent Art Mural in Falköping, Sweden. Photo ©Hookedblog / Mark Rigney

Teddy Baden stencilling his signature on his finished 'Even Superheroes Get Tired' mural in Falköping, Sweden.

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Painting his mural in a residental part of the city, saw a number of the local kids stopping by each day aftert school to watch Baden working on his colourful mural.

Teddy Badden, Steent Art Mural in Falköping, Sweden. Photo ©Hookedblog / Mark Rigney

Mural complete it was time for a beer or two but first a few selfie!!

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