Street Artist Don't Fret hits the Streets of London

Chicago based street artist Don’t Fret has been back and forth to London over the last number of months installing works on each visit. November 2016 saw Don’t Fret collaborate with UK based artist Edwin for a joint exhibition titled ‘The Distinct Sound of Laughter In The Distance’ (Previously on Hookedblog) at the Unit5 Gallery in East London.

Over the course of a year long the two artists worked on a joint project between which saw them sharing and swapping ideas and text across social media and then spraying each of these messages across walls in each of their respective cities. This year-long project culminated in the The Distinct Sound of Laughter In The Distance exhibition here in London which included paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics and some unique one-off installations from the two artists.

Don't Fret's most recent visit to London was only just last week when he briefly stopped in town on route to Copenhagen. Despite his short stay here in London the artist found time to take to streets and installed a series of hand painted pasteups hitting up the neighbourhoods of Shoreditch and Hackney Wick. A number of the works were removed/ destroyed before we could photograph all the installed works but we did captured a number on Brick Lane as well as a few in and around Hackney Wick.


Hand painted pasteup by Don't Fret located on Brick Lane, London.


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'Dark Times' one of the exchanged messages between Edwin and Don't Fret painted on a canal side building in Hackney Wick, London.



'A Distinguished Fellow' spotted in Hackney Wick on White Post Lane, not far from the Hackney Wick Overground train station.


The collaborative exhibition ‘The Distinct Sound of Laughter In The Distance’ at Unit5 Gallery has since finished but a publication the two artists produced documenting their year long interventions was launched during the exhibition and copies of the publication also titled 'The Distinct Sound of Laughter In The Distance' are still availble online to purchase via the Unit5 Gallery Shop priced at £12.50 .

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