Union Jack Mural on London's Chance Street by artist James Reka

Berlin based Australian artist James Reka spent some time in London just before the holidays on route to Australia via the US. Prior to his visit to London, Reka was working over a three week period on what we believe to be his largest mural to date in Jacksnoville Florida, titled "Flora + Fauna" and pictured below.

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For his London mural James Reka revisited the wall on the corner of Chance Street and Whitby Street which the artist has previously painted on a number of occasions most recently back in September 2014 with a work titled 'Keep Calm And Carry On'. Staying with the dark black background as with the previous mural, Reka changed up the colour palette and imagery for another fresh super clean mural which he has titled 'Union Jack'. Have a look at the photographs we captured of this new mural below.


Artist James Reka photographed as he began working on his mural titled 'Union Jack' on Chance Street, London.




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The completed Union Jack Mural in Shoreditch by James Reka pictured above.

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