What Happens When a Toad, Snake and Bird get together

Located just off East London's Brick Lane this small car parking space know as the Star Yard has in recent years been a popular spot with London street artists painting along the walls of the space. The quality and turnover of work in this space varies hugely throughout the year, but things have been rather slow at the space over the summer months with not a lot of new work going up.

So when we spotted that the Horrow Crew were at work on a new wall at the Star Yard we headed over to catch this collaborative mural featuring The Horror Crew along with crew member Fanakapan (Previously on Hookedblog) and Canadian street artist Birdo aka Jerry Rugg. Bringing some wildlife to the walls of East London, the three artists redecorated this corner of the Star Yard with a Toad, Bird and Cobra Snake. Unfortunately the artists had finished work on the wall by the time we got over to the space but have a look at our photographs of the impressive wall from the three artists below.

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Fanakapan and The Horror Crew are joined by Canadian artist Birdo aka Jerry Rugg on this corner wall in the Star Yard.


Close up photograph of some of the details in the Horror Crew bird.


Fanakapan's chrome Toad soaking up some sunshine.

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