Animated Street Art Cat by London artist DrCream

DrCream Street Art Pasteups — Shoreditch, London Photo ©Mark Rigney / Hookedblog

A regular on the streets, artist and animator Dr Cream's wheat pasted posters and miniature resin 3D street art pieces will be familiar to fans of the art form here in London.

We have featured Dr Cream's work on Hookedblog back in 2012 when we posted a series of his 3D resin street art pieces featuring his jester character or as he calls him the Rolling Fool (Previously on Hookedblog). We had photographed a number of these street sculptures, noticing that each despite looking similar at first glance were in fact all different. We learned that each one were frames of an animation with each sculpture on the street making up one frame of a short animation . When the sculptural street art pieces were photographed and viewed online together in the form of a short film, the Rolling Fool character came to life in his own animation.

Since the start of this year we have begun to see some of Dr.Creams wheat pasted posters appearing on walls and doors of the East London neighbourhood of Shoreditch. The pasted work again featuring his Jester characters we had seen in 2012,  this time with the addition of a cat character pictured above.

As to how many of these wheat pasted pieces from Dr Cream there are we are unsure, but we do know the works are part of two additional animated sequences from the artist. With the selection of images we have photographed we were able to create this animated GIF  below from one of the sequences. It is only made up of three frames and there are possible more posters / frames from the sequence we have yet to find.

DrCream Pasteups — Shoreditch, London

These additional three images we are guessing are from a second larger animated sequence, as these photographs of the posters are missing a number of frames to complete the animation. But you can already see from the three frames how the animation might work.

We will have to continue looking for the artist 's other pasteups to finish the sequence to allow us to animate them. Should you have seen any of DrCreams work feel free to share the locations with us in the comments section.

DrCream Pasteups — Shoreditch, London

DrCream Pasteups — Shoreditch, London

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