Visual Distraction Zine Volume 02


Sorting through the papers and mail next to our computer today we rediscovered a package from artist The Real Dill. The package arrived just as we were heading off out the door on a trip to Milan and it was only this afternoon that we found time to work our way trough the mail stack. We are huge fans of artist produced zine and the package contained the latest zine from The Real Deal.

This latest production is the second in the artists Visual Distraction zine series. We have previously featured the  artists zines including the first edition when it was released back in July of last year (covered here). This edition of Visual Distraction Volume 02 is a 24 page A5 sized art zine featuring the Real Dills work and photographs, it includes an A3 foldout in the centre and as with the previous edition is all handmade. The zine also comes with some matching screen printed vinyl stickers and Visual Distraction eggshell sticker.


Issue two of the Visual Distraction is available now online from the artists Bigcartel shop. Grab yourself a copy here ...numbers are limited so don't hang about.


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