Hitting the Streets of Homerton with Insect, Dscreet, Malarko & David Shillinglaw


Heading east yesterday to Hackney Wick on the overground train we spied a flash of colour out the window as the train pulled into Homerton station. With our camera in our bag we hopped off the train to grab some shots of the work before continuing onward to the Wick.

The work that caught our eye was that of long time collaborators Paul Insect and Dscreet who have redecorated a shipping container with a lick of colour. Both artists are East London regulars and have featured on the blog many times before, we last saw the two artists hit up some roller shutters in Bethnal Green earlier this year (covered here).

For their latest street pieces the works have been painted on a stacked shipping container overlooking what looks like a car / scrap yard that is best viewed from the Homerton Overground train platform, but venture out of the station and discover some of the additional painted pieces on street level. You will also discovered Hatch who we suspect have given the artists permission to paint the shipping containers as they are located next to the building. Hatch is a multi purpose space right next to overground, you can see their hand-painted sign above the containers in our picture below.  Inside the space we found a large open space with a bar/ barber shop and a cafe serving some great coffee.


DSCREET_HOOKEDBLOG_4294_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEYVARIOUS_HOOKEDBLOG_4317_PHOTO_©2015_MARK_RIGNEY Also spotted this next to the shipping containers slightly further down the tracks but not accessible, a second piece from Insect and Dscreet joined by dubltrubl crew member Ebot.


Joining Insect and Dscreet on the shipping container is another duo, Malarko and David Shillinglaw who have also collaborated many times together on street murals. Both artists work is also regularly featured across our social media channels and on the blog here and here and their addition pictured above completes the shipping container.


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