'Stories Are Waiting' #WhenInParis Part02

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We have already shared with you the first part of our fun filled 24 hours in Paris (covered here). We were invited by Eurostar to join them in Paris as part of their 'Stories Are Waiting' #WhenInParis campaign. They wanted us to capture our adventure in the city and share our story with them and you.

In the first part of our adventure we headed north to Belleville for food and to have a wonder around and catch some of the Parisian street art in the area. Our 24 hours in the city also coincided with NuiteBlache, the annual all-night arts festival. We couldn't have planned it better.. Street Art, graffiti, Museums, street beers, street parties, dancing, wine, cocktails and what seemed like the whole of Paris on the streets all night, we stayed up and made the most of our short time in the city! Getting back to the hotel in the very early hours of the morning, a surprised night porter let us back into the hotel long enough to grab a couple of hours sleep before we were up again making use of the hotels wifi in efforts to bag ourselves Glastonbury Festival tickets before checking out of the hotel.

With just a few hours before our return to London we head over to the 13th arrondissement to check out another of our twitter followers suggestions, the #TOURPARIS13. The project had been curated by Paris art gallery, Galerie Itinerrance who invited over 100 street artists from around the world to re-decorate a nine-storey Paris tower block due to be demolished at the end of the year.

_MG_8060_Hookedblog_©2013 mark rigney#TourParis13#TourParis13

As we approached the tower is was evident that we weren't the only people interested in seeing the artwork inside the building. A huge line of people snaked around the entire block, all waiting patiently for their turn to enter the tower. We joined the queue in the hope that it would move quickly and we would get the chance to see it before catching our train back to London. But after a conversation with some of the locals ahead of us in the queue we soon learned that there was about a seven hour wait before we could expect to get in and that most people had been turning up at 8am in efforts to beat the long lines of people.


As our time in Paris was running out we decided to leave the queue but agreed we would have to return to Paris and the tower again before it's demolition. We did however manage to capture a number of images of the work on the buildings exterior, which we have shared here. We made our way toward Gare du Nord to catch our return train, and what better ways to finish our 24 hour trip to the city that with this huge piece from Invader we clocked right next to the station.


You've read our #WhenInParis story, now Eurostar want to hear yours! Head over to the Eurostar website and share your Paris stories with them for the chance to win tickets for two to Paris or Brussels! To enter the competition, share you Paris story over on their site here. Good Luck!

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