MadC's Stunning new London Mural


We have been checking in on the progress of this stunning new wall on Chance Street in East London over the last few days. This latest addition to the walls of London Newcastle's space is the work of Germany based artist Claudia Walde, better know as MadC. We last saw MadC in London back in May when she took part in the Dulwich Festival's 'Baroque the Streets' (organised in collaboration with Street Art London), where she painted a wall inspired by a painting on display at Dulwich Picture Gallery, “Still Life with Flowers” by Van Huysum c.1720. She also redecorated an entire room of a house both of which can be seen in the video below.

Hookedblog caught up with MadC yesterday evening as she was put the finishing touches to the wall which has seen her working flat out for three days to get it finished. We timed it perfectly yesterday and managed to get onto the rooftop opposite the wall with the artist allowing us to capture the entire piece. We are not normally fans of fisheye lenses but in situations like this with narrow streets and the scale of the work, the lense allowed us to capture it all in one shot! Check out some of the photos below!

MadCMadC MadCMadC


MadC video of her painting at Dulwich Street Art Festival in London back in May 2013.

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