Alexis Diaz London Mural in Progress

Street Artist Alexis Diaz at work on his London mural

Puerto Rican street artist and muralist Alexis Diaz (Previously on Hookedblog) is currently in London and has spent the last couple of days working on a new mural on Hanbury Street off Brick Lane in East London. This is one of two murals the artist is working on during this visit, both of which have been slowing developing over the last week. These insanely time consuming pieces sees the artist using small brushes and paint for these cross hatched murals.

We will be checking back on the artist through out the week and will share pictures of the finished piece hopefully later in the week, in the meantime have a look at some of the amazing detail in this mural featured in the images below.

Alex Diaz - Progress Shots

Alex Diaz - Progress Shots

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Alex Diaz - Progress Shots

Some close up images of the volume of detail going into this mural.

Alex Diaz - Progress Shots

Alexis Diaz had at work on the mural with like the smallest brush ever! After a number of days at work on Hanbury Street in East London, Diaz completed the hybrid elephant /octopus creature mural and we have shared some additional image of the mural on this second post 'Alexis Díaz finishes his stunning London Mural'. For those of you not wanting to click through to another post we have added an image of the completed mural from the street artists.

Alexis Diaz

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Alexis Diaz on Instagram — @alexis_diaz

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