Remi/Rough & System — Girl at a window ‘After Rembrandt’ South London Mural

Remi Rough & System

Hookedblog have already featured Australian artist Reka's interpretation of an old artwork titled "The rape of Europa"(covered here) from the Dulwich picture gallery, the first of several murals planned in the area for the Baroque The Streets festival. The second mural to go up in Dulwich features the work of graffiti artists Remi Rough and System  in which the duo have painted their modern reinterpretation of Rembrandt's 'Girl at a Window' and Poussin’s ‘Triumph of David’. We caught up with the two artists as they were putting the finished touches to their mural.

Remi Rough & System

 The two new murals are part of the Dulwich festival's street art programme which has been curated and organised by Ingrid Beazley from Dulwich Picture Gallery and Richard Howard-Griffin of Street Art London. In the coming weeks we can expect to see additional new mural works from Conor Harrington (Ireland), ROA (Belgium), Dscreet (Australia), Thierry Noir (France), Mad C (Germany), RUN (Italy), Shok-1 (UK), Nunca (Brazil), Phlegm (UK), Agent Provocateur (UK), and The Rolling People (UK and Spain). More from the Dulwich festival soon.

Remi Rough & SystemRemi Rough & System Remi Rough & System Remi Rough & System

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Paolo said...

Why do people accept this Reme Rough. He is a disgusting racist & homophobic person. I will ask the council to take this down

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