Street Art in Dublin, Ireland


During Hookedblog's recent visit to Dublin, Ireland we hit the streets of the city on the hunt for some of the new stencil works NY collective Faile had installed while in town (covered here). As we strolled around the city we captured some of the other works we came across including pieces from Maser, ADW, Canvaz, Solas, James Earley, Asbestos, JB, JR, El Mac and Steve (Espo) Powers.

El Mac — Dublin EL Mac
JR & MaserJR and Maser (covered here)
Faile Faile (covered here)
Solas Solas
_MG_7988_Hookedblog_©2013 mark rigney_MG_7987_Hookedblog_©2013 mark rigney Canvaz Canvaz
_MG_7837_Hookedblog_©2013 mark rigneyAsbestos Maser Maser

For more on Street art in Ireland we suggest you head over and check the guys at Irish Street Art website and also iartdublin. Also worth checking is the recently launched In Side Out: Street Art in Irelandbook from a Visual Feast Productions.

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Anne said...

Hey Mark,
really cool to meet you at the Pinterest party last night, your shot glass was definitely the most arty one in the bunch! And from seeing your blog, it makes sense that it would be :) Really cool photos, I love London street art, so I'll be stopping by from time to time now to discover your latest finds!
x Anne