Shok-1 'Hearts & Minds' Mural London

Shok-1 — Hearts & Minds

We thought you could use a splash of colour to brighten up your day on this wet moody Friday afternoon here in Shoreditch, East London. Earlier this week saw the return of London artist Shok-1 to these double gates on Fournier Street just off Brick Lane. Having previously collaborated with Remi Rough on this spot back in November for their “Communication Accommodation Theory” piece, Shok-1 has repainted the spot with a new solo piece.  Titled 'Hearts & Minds' the new mural features a series of his overlapping X-Ray bones again on a super vibrant red background as with his previous piece at this spot. We sugggest you have a look for yourself over the weekend and hopefully the council will have finished their street improvements and removed all the clutter from in front of the piece.

Shok-1 — Hearts & MindsShok-1 — Hearts & Minds Shok-1 — Hearts & Minds Shok-1 — Hearts & Minds Shok-1Finished piece.

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