Paul Insect & Sweet Toof hit the streets of Shoreditch

Paul Insect

Despite the unseasonable cold weather we have been having in London it would appear that a number of London street artists are beginning to emerge from their studios and once again take to the streets after what feels like a very long Winter. This week Hookedblog have already featured some of the new works from A.ce as well as Mr. Penfold who collaborated with German duo Los Brow on some new shutters. Last night saw two of our favorites, Paul Insect and Sweet Toof braving the cold and hitting up Shoreditch with a variety of new hand painted paste-ups and some very elaborate multi coloured screen printed posters. Here are a selection of some of these new works we captured earlier this morning.

Paul InsectPaul InsectSome of the detail within the multi layerd Insect image. Sweet Toof Paul Insect Paul Insect Sweet Toof Paul Insect & Sweet Toof Paul Insect Paul Insect
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Amy said...

Awesome, love these - will go and check them out soon. IYO, where's the best area in London for street art?

hookedblog said...

Most of the work on the blog has been shot in and around East London.

Shoreditch / Brick Lane / Hackney Wick.

Mrs. Mimi Akter said...

Wow!! awesome work.

Stephen McGilvray said...


I recently purchased a collection of 11 Paul Insect prints at a house sale in France. All are framed to a very high quality and are in excellent condition. I was wondering if you could give me any information on them.

I have the following pieces of his work:

POW Skull signed 2/9 Purple (2005) 49cm x 34cm

POW Skull signed 2/10 Pink (2005) 49cm x 34cm

POW Skull signed 2/10 Red (2005) 49cm x 34cm

POW Skull signed 2/10 Yellow (2005) 49cm x 34cm

Shooting Target Bear (2006) 195/350 57cm x 89cm

Shooting Target Dog (2006) 101/350 56cm x 86cm

Shooting Target Stag (2006) 105/350 50cm x 73cm

The Hills Have Eyes (2004) 206/750 49cm x 70cm

The Executioner (2004) POW 212/750 50cm x 69cm

Monkey tooth (2005) signed 4/25 29cm x 42cm

Unidentied other of the pair (2005) signed 4/25 29cm x 42cm

Many thanks,