RAE's 'Nocturnal Trips' London Exhibition


We have been fans of Brooklyn street artist RAE's work for a number of years now. Having previously only ever seen RAE's work online it was great to actually stumble upon some of his street work on our last visit to New York. Our first spot was one of the artists stickers featuring some of his distinctive colours and characters in Coney Island. A few days later we came across the large scale and colourful collaborative mural pictured above in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn featuring fellow New York artist DAIN.

We are excited to see that East London's Signal Gallery is bringing RAE over to London for his first UK solo show later this month. RAE's 'Nocturnal Trips' exhibition is set to open in two weeks at the gallery on the 24th January. Having seen 3D sculptural works made from found objects  as well as installation works we look forward to seeing what RAE brings to the gallery for this exhibition and  hopefully  we will also be seeing some new additions to the streets of London.


The private view for the show will take place on the 24th January 6 - 9pm. To be included on the list please email the gallery at info@signalgallery.com
Open 25th January - 16th February
Signal Gallery - 32 Paul Street - London - EC2A 4LB

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