Pablo Delgado — Missing Miniatures Series

Pablo Delgado

 It looks like Mexican street artist Pablo Delgado has taken to the streets with a new Missing series of works. You might remember we covered the first Missing series from the artist back in November when he launched a sort of miniature street art treasure hunt. Missing posters were pasted up around the Columbia Road area of East London informing us that there were 33 Missing miniature ladies in the area. We later discovered through Delgado's website that a reward was on offer to anyone finding and photographing all 33.

We only managed to find four of the 33 missing ladies that are still out there! Some of our readers have fared a little better with one twitter follower having found seven. If you are interested in taking part in this miniature street art treasure hunt the artist has posted a hint on his website in the form of a map.

Pablo Delgado

For the second Missing series pictured in this post, again we find missing posters pasted to walls around East London but this time around the missing person is also missing from the poster. They have escaped from the page and are to be found nearby or as the posters inform us, within a 50 meter radius. Unlike the first series each of the missing posters this time around would appears to feature a different characters three of which we found yesterday and are featured. We look forward to discovering more of these hidding miniatures in the coming weeks. If you have seen any in your neighbourhood, let us know where you have seen them.

Pablo DelgadoPablo Delgado Pablo Delgado Pablo Delgado
Some new additions in the missing series we found this morning including this Jesus piece!.Pablo DelgadoPablo DelgadoPablo Delgao
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