The Toasters 'EVERYWHERE' film


It was back in December 2010 when we first heard that The Toasters were quietly working away on their short film 'Everywhere'. Having released a number of trailers we finally got to see the finished film here in London's Village Underground back in January 2012. Following a number of screenings across Europe, The Toasters have dropped an early Christmas gift for us all and released the film online for everyone everywhere to see.

The film features previously unseen footage of the Toasters at work on some of their most recognisable pieces, along with interviews with other street artists, new works and there is of course the odd Toaster sticker, here, there and everywhere! Sit back and enjoy the full film below.


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Sarah - Editor@theoffice-uk said...

It's amazing that clearly showed- what you can do with a simple idea and great execution!

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