Brazilian Street Artist Cranio Lost In London

Brazilian street artist Cranio London Mural Work in Shoreditch

Hookedblog was lucky enough to catch up with Fabio Oliveira, better known to most of us as Cranio, a graffiti/street artist from São Paulo, Brazil during his recent visit to London. 

We have been big fans of the South American artists signature blue indigenous people for a number of years now, and it was fantastic to meet the artist and watch him paint a number of walls here in London. 

Cranio was invited to London by the guys over at Zero Cool Gallery who hosted the artists' first UK solo exhibition at the Red Bull Studios in South London.

While we were photographing the artist at work on various walls, Fifth Wall was also filming at the same time. They have just finished editing their footage and have released the clip below documenting Cranio's time in London. Have a look:

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Sarah - Editor@theoffice-uk said...

I've heard a lot about Cranio..supporting his art, my friend said that, the themes addressed in his work make people think about equal human beings with a different culture and reality. I realized that whatsoever be the reason, this is definitely a culture that is extinguishing at very high speed.