Pablo Delgado Miniature Treasure Hunt

Pablo Delgado

Earlier in the week Hookedblog spotted not one but two new miniature street works from Mexican artist Pablo Delgado. With the artists recent show at Pure Evil Gallery having finished it is no surprise to see the artist hitting the streets again. What was unusual was that both pieces featured the same female character, not something we have seen Delgado do before. Nearly all of the previous street pieces we have seen from the artist have all featured different characters. It was a day or two later before we spotted a poster stuck to a wall by the artist which gave us another clue and suggested that there were in fact 33 of these ladies all lost or missing on the streets!

Pablo Delgado

Having checked Pablo Delgado's website it would appear the artist is running a sort of miniature treasure hunt. Fans have been challenged to find and photograph all 33 of these missing ladies around London, with a reward to be announced for the person who finds them first and emails the artist the 33 images! We have had our eyes glued to the ground all week but have so far only found two so you are all in with a chance! Let the hunt begin....

Pablo Delgado

The search for these 33 ladies continues, since we first posted about this miniature treasure hunt we have only managed to find one additional missing lady bringing our total to a not so impressive three, we only have 30 more to find! Some of our twitter followers have fared a little better, one of our followers has managed to track down five!

We bumped into the artist Pablo Delgado last week and he was excited to hear to that people were taking part in the treasure hunt and hinted that he might post some hints or even a mini map on his website. We will keep ye posted if we hear anything in the mean time keep your eyes peeled.

Pablo Delgado

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vetti said...

a miniature Pablo Delgado treasure hunt? fabulous...pity I'm not in London...thanks for sharing!

Chris Airplays said...

Nice, I did a similar thing years a go and was thinking about doing it again in Hackney.

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