James Kalinda & Centina UK book launch

James Kalinda & Centina

Last night Hookedblog headed up to Dalston's Power Lunches venue for the first ever UK exhibition of Italian street artists James Kalinda and Centina. Presented by Get Up Get Down, the one night only exhibition also marked the UK launch of the Atroce book. A 96 page publication, Atroce charts the duo's explorations of abandoned buildings across Europe and the series of works that they leave behind.

James Kalinda & CentinaJames Kalinda & Centina James Kalinda & Centina

With the vast majority of what they paint in these often inaccessible locations, their work is not something you are likely to stumble upon in your daily travels like a lot of other street art that we feature on Hookedblog. It is perhaps one of the reasons why the talented duo are not as well know as they should be. We first became aware of the artists work online via their flickr pages and more recently some of their newer work has featured in photographer / Urban explorer RomanyWG's books, so for us it was great to finally see some of their works and meet with both artists in person at last night's launch. We hope through the exhibition, launch of the book and we guess this blog post in some ways that a new audience will be introduced to these promising young street artists work.

James Kalinda & Centina

For those that missed last nights launch, the Atroce book is available online from the Get Up Get Down online store priced at £14.99.

James Kalinda & Centina

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