Bom.K and Liliwenn new London murals

Bom k & Liliwenn

Hookedblog swung past Hanbury Street, just off Brick Lane this rainy Monday afternoon to check on the progress of two new pieces featuring the work of French artist Bom.K from the DMV crew and Liliwenn. Both artists began work on the mural late Sunday evening and attempted to work though the rain today in efforts to advance the pieces.

Bom k & Liliwenn

Bom.k has been in London since Friday's opening of the Urban Masters exhibition presented by Butterfly and Opera Gallery. The exhibition which is currently on show until the 18th November at Factory 7 on Hearn Street features work from Bom.k along with 32 other street and graffiti artists. Check back tomorrow for follow up photos of the finished wall.

Bom k & Liliwenn

Photo Update:
As promised here are some updated progress shots from day three of Bom.k and Liliwenn's mural work. As this is a semi-legal spot the two artists are taking advantage of this with a lot of love and attention to detail going into the two pieces. We left shortly after if got dark yesterday as the two artists continued working into the night. As is evident from the last image below they still have some work to do on the wall before it is finished so we will keep you updated.

Bom.K and Liliwenn Bom.K and Liliwenn Bom.K and Liliwenn Bom.K and Liliwenn

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Awesome! I must go and see this!! :):)