Mear One mural in London

Mear One

Hookedblog caught up with Los Angeles-based artist Mear One aka Kalen Ockerman this evening as the artist began working on a new mural in East London. Famously known for his often - political Graffiti art, the artists latest mural on Hanbury Street off Brick Lane was also drawing large crowds and a lot of attention this evening despite only being in the early stages of completion. Looking at the artist's sketch below, the finished mural looks like it's gonna be impressive. We imagine Mear One will be working on this wall over the next few days, if you happen to be in the area head over to Hanbury Street to see the artist in action. For eveyone else check back with us for photo updates as the wall progresses.

Mear OneMear One

Photo Update: Mear One Mear One

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Michael, London said...

This is ignorant conspiracy addled propaganda, and I hope it gets painted over by someone who is not so obviously politically illiterate, and who can draw people well.

Mear One, on his You Tube channel explains that the people around the Monopoly board are caricatures of Jews. "MEARSKI1 commented and liked 1 day ago"they are Anglo and Jew. What is wrong with criticizing positions of power? Why is criticism of a Jewish person so taboo? I criticize white people in many of my pieces but I happen to criticize a Jew and you jump to conclusions of Nazi propaganda?"

ilja_v said...

whoever is right or wrong on this, it's been painted over now:

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