RUN mural in Clapton, London

Run — detail

Hookedblog recently caught up with London based Italian street artist RUN for a drink and a chat. We spoke to the artist about his latest mural pictured here, located on Downs Road in Clapton, East London. The artist had previous painted this spot and earlier this month returned to complete this new mural in his signature style. When we spoke to RUN last week he told us about some unhappy local or 'nutter' as RUN refered to him as, who was obviously not enjoying these murals as much as us and had been trashing them by chucking white paint over the works.(See picture below or the previous mural trashed).

The newest mural also suffered the same treatment within a week of it being painted, but on visiting the spot in Clapton today we were happy to see RUN has returned to the mural and made a pretty good job of repairing the damage. Let hope it stay up for a little longer this time! Check back with us soon for more new work from RUN.

Run Run — detail Run — detail
(Trashed mural image via the artist)

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Poindexter said...

Actually that's the second time the new piece has been clobbered - the first time was with white water-based paint that got cleaned right off, the yellow paint just got splashed on this week and I don't think it's coming off. Somepne's really got it in for him!

hookedblog said...

Wow, we had seen a picture of the wall with the white paint and just figured RUN had painted over it with yellow paint, didn't realise the same piece had been hit twice!

Delete said...

New green version...

hookedblog said...

Not seen this one yet, nice. This is the Dalston one right?

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