Felipe Yung aka 'Flip' New London Mural


Look what we spotted this morning! How cute is this huge new mural on Ebor Street in East London. This giant jellyfish / octopus character with a cat perched on it's head, is the work of South American street artist Felipe Yung aka Flip. Flip is part of Famiglia Baglione since 2006 and hails from Vila Mariana in São Paulo. We last saw the artist in London back in March 2011 for his 'Shunga Pop' solo exhibition at The Pure Evil Gallery. We also spotted a number of mini character/tag pieces from the artist around Brick Lane and expect we will be seeing more from the artist over the weekend.

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Charley Edwards said...

he is over here doing a commission for a restaurant at the top of HERON TOWER which is next to the Gherkin.. it seemed only proper that we should give him a nice big wall to paint in the middle od the east end..

hookedblog said...

Awesome, the commissioned piece looks pretty cool as well.

PierreLarose said...

Here's his new street art in Brazil: http://www.discoveringsaopaulo.com/2013/04/street-art-in-sao-paulo-part-8-felipe.html