Reka One New Mural In East London

Reka One

We have been spotting yellow stickers around London the last few days which hinted that one of our favorite Australian street artists might be in London town. That was confirmed this evening when we spotted this stunning wall in Dalston, East London from Everfresh crew member Reka One.

Having been fans of Reka One's work for several years it has been fantastic to finally see some of the artists work up close and in person. We have no idea what the artists plans are or how long he is in town but we hope we will be seeing some more work from Reka One over the coming days.

Reka One

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Reka One

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Little London Observationist said...

Just adding a link to you on my blog. Just realised there's not one there! Cheers for posting photos in the Flickr pool :) 

Hackney WickED said...

Looking for an Artist to paint a Mural on a very public wall in Shoreditch to represent Hackney WickED Weekend. 
Mural must be complete one week before the event, on August Bank Holiday.

Please get in touch for more information

northierthanthou said...

I like these characters. they, have character.