East London Street Art Stickers

_MG_0425©2012 mark rigney

Stickers everywhere! Hookedblog has noticed a recent increase in stickers around East London over the last few months, despite the council and the buff teams best efforts to keep lampost and other street furniture clean, the street artist seem to be winning. Here is a recent selection of stickers that caught our attention.

  _MG_0467©2012 mark rigney_MG_0454©2012 mark rigney_MG_0176©2012 mark rigney _MG_0078©2012 mark rigney _MG_8430©2012 mark rigney Paul Insect _MG_1133©2012 mark rigney _MG_1082©2012 mark rigney ObeyFollow us on Facebook or Twitter for additional photos and news.



Sarah Harris said...

I love the Pez stickers, those happy fish make me smile every time :)

custom stickers said...

Well this is really a great job and awesome stickers!

Danial Ray said...

very funny sticker that happy fish is great like it thanks for sharing it keep it up


vinyl stickers said...

Great Pez Stickers, i love it... :)

custom stickers said...

love the red and blue carrot stickers ... thats funny :)

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