Banksy & The Queen's Diamond Jubilee


The web has been abuzz all afternoon with chatter of a new Banksy street art piece in North London. According to locals this street art stencil piece appeared some time in early hours this morning on the side wall of the Poundland discount shop on Whymark Avenue in Turnpike Lane, London. This piece has not officially been confirmed as a Banksy piece, but with the Queen's upcoming Diamond Jubilee, the location of this piece and the style and cut of the stencil it is highly likely that it's the work of Banksy. Here are a selection of photos Hookedblog captured this evening.


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Banksy Banksy

This piece has now been confirmed as a official Banksy street art piece with it's appearance on the artist's website. This Jubilee stencil piece or as it is now being referred to in the media as Banksy 'Slave Labour' street art mural and as with many of the artists street works this Banksy is now under a sheet of protective perspex complete with bunting to prevent any damage being done to the work.


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