CYRCLE Collective in London

_MG_9900©2012 mark rigney

Looks like the LA based street art collective known as Cyrcle recently passed through London. The three man art collective formed in 2010, combining their skills from different backgrounds which blend graffiti, fine art and design to form the Cyrcle brand.

The collective would appear to be on tour at the moment, with London the first stop on route to Paris where they were they have been working on some collaborative work with French Street artist and Ted prize winner JR. You can see some of that collaborative work over on Cyrcle's Facebook page here. We expect we will see more street work from the collective over the next few days who are in Paris for Paris Free Walls, an event which has also seen a number of UK artist taking part, including Ben Slow, Nick Walker, SheOne and David Shillinglaw. More info on the Paris Free Walls event can be found here.

_MG_9893©2012 mark rigney
Having completed work in Paris with street artist JR the collective have returned to London and installed some additional street pieces pictured below.
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