Awesome Phlegm Mural in London


Sheffield based artist and Hookedblog favorite Phlegm was in London last week and painted this awesome street art mural. This huge wall, one of the largest London walls the artist has painted was arranged by Global Street Art, who after securing the wall worked with Phlegm over the three days it took for him to paint this piece. The wall really needs to be seen in person and if you happen to be in London we suggest you make your way over to Heneage Street in East London and check it out. Here are a selection of photographs we took of this stunning new wall.
 PhlegmPhlegm PhlegmPhlegm Phlegm Phlegm Phlegm
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Lee Nathan Marc Bofkin said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for the mention! Peace


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Pat said...

Phlegm is one of my favourite! I wish I had seen this, moved to Edinburgh couple of months ago..

northierthanthou said...

Phlegm is always amazing.

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