Lucas & Malarky Return To Redchurch St

_MG_3293©2012 mark rigneyLast week saw London based artists Lucas and Malarky retake this huge wall located on Redchurch Street with a fresh lick of paint and some new characters.

As reported by the guys over at Graffoto blog, the last few weeks have seen a number of shutters and walls painted by these two artists tagged over by someone calling themselves Kamba. It seems Kamba is not to keen that these artists are also showing work in galleries as well as on the streets and he has taken it upon himself to line them out as well as stenciling over the pieces with messages like “Street art is not for galleries” and “street art is not a business”! _MG_3228©2012 mark rigney _MG_3222©2012 mark rigney _MG_3230©2012 mark rigney _MG_3213©2012 mark rigney _MG_3295©2012 mark rigneyWe at Hookedblog are big fans of the duo's work so we were more than happy to seem them return and reclaim this spot back. We look forward to seeing the other 'trashed' spots getting repainted over the coming weeks and who knows someone else other than these two may step up and paint the other spots. Lucas and Malarky


Dave said...

Kamba seems to have missed the fact street art IS for galleries, and IS business!

but of course it's only "street" art when it's in the streets. people should make this distinction. artists can work where and how they like, that's part of the freedom of being an artist and not an employee!!!