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We have almost reached the end of the month and we haven't had the opportunity yet to post a photographic round -up of what we have been seeing on the streets of East London over the last few weeks, so here it is!

It looks like a return to the streets from Paul Insect with his large scale baby head paste-ups and baby head stickers starting to re-appear on the streets.

LiskBotJimmy CJames Cochran aka JimmyC has been busy the last month painting a number of new murals in his signature style including the one pictured above and this one. Unknown Nathan BowenNathan Bowen repaints this shutter on Commercial Street with some of his scratchy gremlin like characters causing havok in a fish and chip shop! Colour!We have no idea who has redecorated this grey concrete bollard just off Brick Lane but we like it alot. Pablo Delgado

2011 was a big year for artist Pablo Delgado with the artist populating the streets throughout the year with his miniature street art scenes. The artist has kick started a new year with some new additions to the streets, the piece pictured above being the first of these pieces we have found. If anyone sees anymore new pieces let us know. If you still want more street art, take a look at some of our previous posts:

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Haikugirl said...

I walk around with my eyes to the ground, but still can't find any Pablo Delgado pieces. Any hints about where the one in this post is? Thanks!

hookedblog said...

Evening, there are still a number of Pablo's pieces to be found on the various streets running off the Arnold Circus Band Stand in East London close to the Shoreditch Station. Hope this helps.

hookedblog said...

If you are a fan of Pablo's can we suggest you check our collection of his work over on our flickr site:

Charlie Inman said...

There's a really groovy one of those Pablo Delgado pieces on the way to Arnold Circus opposite the old school building. I'll send you a photo I took on my iphone. Big love. C

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